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According to a recent statistics published by a famous magazine:

Approximately 85% of consumers open companies’ emails.
On an average, almost 45% of these email recipients made at least one purchase in past one year based on the promotional email they got.

It’s a true fact that email marketing is growing and it’s evolving fast, but many businesses are still unsure about it, and hence have either ignore or least explored the use of email within their digital marketing strategies. If you are also one such business owner then read further to get a grip that email marketing is important.

Here we present a few reasons to explain the importance of email marketing.

Constant communication

Email works as a medium to be in constant contact with the consumers. Through email, you can contact a whole set of the database on a regular basis. This method of contacting a database on a regular basis builds a connection between the business and the client. This connection doesn’t work as a single way but is a magical dual path that works as a boon for both the client as well as the business. Send personalized campaigns to target audience for higher ROI. Best bulk email service provider with guaranteed delivery and Real-Time Reports. And if the consumer is facing an issue then they can contact the business which helps in building the base of loyal customers.

Measurable results

The Email marketing systems include in itself some of the most advanced technologies such as enhanced reporting and tracking facilities. The reports obtained provides invaluable metrics that includes:

  • Open rates,
  • Deliverability,
  • Click through rates,
  • Subscriber retention

A plight with content & social media.

Integrating the email marketing analytics with website analytics is pretty easy and hence works as an added benefit. Once integrated these email can show how much they have been involved in the customer’s life and in what ways it has changed the performance ratio of the company. Additionally, these reporting facilities help the businesses to understand the behavior trait of any customer and can eventually help in other domains of marketing.

Low cost

Email marketing is highly cost effective and it doesn’t include any print and postage cost as well no advertising cost. The emails are so cheap that you can send one email at a mere cost of a penny per person or you can get unlimited monthly plans as well.

Return on Investment

Email marketing has outperformed many marketing channels, on an average for an investment for every 70p the average return is Rs. 100. Tracking performance of email marketing is pretty easy hence devising new plans to strengthen the marketing strategies of the company.

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